• prior life: Graduated from UGA with a BA in Journalism/Communications. Worked for Coke in its corporate video department.
  • designing since: 2000
  • protegé of: Jackye Lanham 
  • notable take-away: I'm lucky to have learned from Jackye and will always appreciate the freedom she gave me to grow and manage small, then larger, projects for her firm. Even today there are times when I ask myself: "What would Jackye do?"
  • out on her own: 2005
  • office today: Located across from ADAC in The Galleries of Peachtree Hills.
  • staff size: 5+, depending on project load
  • family: Husband, Rush; two girls, Grace and Abby; one pooch, pug Max

best thing about working with clients?

Sharing the fun of collaborating and the thrill of finding the perfect things. I'm always after the "Oh WOW! I love this!" from clients.

why should I hire you?

I take it seriously, but we have to have fun. I treat your money as if it were my own and will encourage you on when to splurge and when we can pull back and still make it amazing. Also, clients' interests always trump mine...your house isn't about my portfolio...it's about your happiness, and my staff and I really look at your lifestyle before we jump into any project, large or small. I always put myself in my clients' shoes and consider their day-to-day as a priority when choosing elements to cover both bases: durability and beauty. Even laundry rooms – most homes' epicenter of function – can look fabulous!

big inspirations...how do you recharge on creativity?

House tours for sure. Relaxing with design books and magazines...I'm a page turner; not a mouse clicker, although I do love Pinterest and Houzz. And there's something about looking at fabric that really motivates me. I'm addicted! It's a small piece of the pie but it always helps me pull the vision together when starting a new scheme.

favorite project to work on?

Complete remodels because they allow me to fully create something out of nothing. These are really the blank canvas, which can be intimidating, but bring the most satisfaction when complete. Runner up? Out-of-the-box projects where homeowners are looking to update in more unexpected and really personal ways.

most satisfying client feedback?

"My son got sick this weekend on the new rug we installed Friday and the stain came out beautifully!"